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The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) is an independent public body set up under the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999, and is led by Immigration Services Commissioner Suzanne McCarthy.

The OISC is responsible for ensuring that all immigration advisers fulfill the requirements of good practice. We are committed to the elimination of unscrupulous advisers and the fair and thorough investigation of complaints. The OISC is also responsible for
  • regulating immigration advisers in accordance with the Commissioner's Code of Standards and Rules;
  • processing applications for registration or exemption from immigration advisers;
  • maintaining and publishing the register of advisers;
  • promoting good practice by immigration advisers;
  • receiving and handling complaints about immigration advisers; and
  • taking criminal proceedings against advisers who are acting illegally.
The OISC website is intended for immigration advisers and their clients and for anyone wanting to know more about the OISC and what we do. However, please note that we are unable to give advice ourselves on immigration or asylum issues.

For the latest OISC news, please use the banner at the top of the screen or visit our news section.

28/04/2008 OISC Training

Due to high demand, we are unable to accept any more bookings for training taking place in London. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience, however we are holding training in Manchester and Birmingham should you wish to attend.
28/04/2008 Beware

The OISC is aware that there may be organisations offering guaranteed OISC authorisation within a set timescale for a certain amount of money.

Potential applicants should be aware that no organisation is able to fulfil such claims.

While setting challenging standards of fitness and competence, as you would expect for such a reputable position, the OISC aims to make the application process simple to understand. Indeed, several thousand applicants have been through the process without recourse to using third party assistance.

To assist those who wish to become regulated by the OISC there is a detailed written guide that takes applicants through the OISC application form.

Once an organisation has applied, we hold application support seminars once a month where OISC caseworkers will talk applicants through the process and answer any questions they may have.

Additionally, a named caseworker will be happy to answer any questions at any point during the application process.
28/04/2008 Identity theft warning

Identity theft is becoming more prevalent in the UK. The OISC has recently become aware of some isolated cases of fraudsters either posing as regulated advisers or, in one particular case, as an OISC member of staff.

If you are thinking about accessing immigration advice or services, make sure the adviser you speak to is legitimate. The OISC keeps an up-to-date register of regulated advisers whom the OISC has deemed as being fit and competent to practise. That database can be found on this website, by clicking on the ‘adviser finder’ link above.

The OISC does not provide immigration advice. Nor does it accept or request money for immigration advice or services. Anyone who is offering immigration advice claiming to be an OISC member of staff should be reported to this office on the number below.

If you are in any doubt as to the credentials of an adviser or OISC staff member, please contact the OISC on 0845 000 0046.
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Our new search facility now includes greater flexibility to allow searches for regulated organisations and advisers that are in your area. The list is updated daily.
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Look for the OISC "global tick" logo. OISC LogoAll advisers are required to display their certificates of registration or exemption. This, together with the OISC's "global tick" logo, shows that an organisation has met the standards laid down by the OISC.